Who is your best friend on GAG?

girls and guys who is your GAG bestie.


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  • @EmpatheticLady , she is so amazing i can talk to her for countless hours and days on end and never get bored! She is smart, sweet, and pretty!

    @Ihav2fart my favorite GaG bro, hands down

    @Genie23 you know you are brilliant and sweet right? and the prettiest girl in Mumbai?
    @MissNowhere a. k. a. Ms. Latvia is pretty fun too :)
    @ArabianPwincess197 even though i haven't spoken to her in a while and talk less frequently she is a honest and genuine friend i can always count on!

    • Thanks bro, you're one of the coolest guy on here.

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    • Thank you. :) I guess you're pretty cool, too... :P

    • @EmaptheticLady way to act cool after I spill my heart out on gag... lmao 😍😍😍

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