Who else thinks there should be an option to delete questions?

For whatever reason you want to delete a question, do you think you should be able to?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You can disavow your questions.

    • Thanks for the MHO ^^

Most Helpful Guy

  • You sort of am able to.

    If you go to your profiles "Question" section
    you can see a black coloured broken chain icon
    to the right of the question, it's called Disavow.

    It make you anonymous in the question
    and you won't receive any further notices about it.

    The reason that you can't delete questions yourself
    from my point of view, is to prevent trolls from posting
    cruel/rude posts, and then deny it after deleting them.

    Also, even if you want to remove a question
    you don't like anymore, some people may find whatever's
    in there, to be usefull..

    Well, that's according to me. ^.^


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  • Put a little thought into the question before you push the post button.


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