How to overcome my nerves for tomorrow?

Tomorrow I am going to see my boyfriends friends again. He mentioned how Thursday he is taking me to a Blue Jays game (everything is taken care of, I just need to show up) and I assumed that tomorrow (Tuesday) I wouldn't see him since he made plans for Thursday. However he said that he wants me at his house by 8pm for the Soccer Game (he has late Soccer Games) which means I meet everyone again. I recently got diagnosed for General Anxiety (he knows about this) and need to know that since things are looking up, how do I overcome tomorrow? I am nervous and anxious at the same time. I really don't want to mess up this second chance. He usually doesn't bring anyone to meet his friends unless it's a serious long-term relationship so I just don't want to have any sort of anxiety tomorrow and if I do how can I calm it or not have it obvious in front of his friends.


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  • just take deep breaths,

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