Is it possible to change my rep here?

I originally refused to and told my elf repeatedly not to ask this sort of question but I'm gonna go ahead and blame the fact that I got like no sleep last night and that I'm drunk on boredom on the fact that I'm going to ask this. It just seems like people don't like me here. Can you give me something to work on other than to just to "respect others" because to me it seems like the people who are the most liked here are the LEAST respectful people on GaG. But that's a topic for a different question. If you have had something to say to me for a while about my behavior here but you've decided not to say it because of reasons, here you go.

  • I'm going to say "be respectful" even though some of the most respectful people on gag are not respectful.
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  • I'm going to be a sensible person and give you something constructive (comments)
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I f*cked up choice one. It's supposed to say "I'm going to say 'be respectful' even though some of the most RESPECTED* people on gag are not respectful."


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  • Show personality in your comments, be helpful, be active all the time, leave an opinion on pretty much everything. I've never seen you around before so I have nothing to say about your behaviour.


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  • I don't recognize you, you probably don't have a rep as far as most gagers are concerned. So chillax foo! lol


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  • just relax and enjoy life more. seriously. don't waste your time worrying about what people think of you.

  • you could make a new account.

  • I don't understand why people care so much about having an online reputation. Anyway, do whatever seems sensible to you.


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