How does this site not have to deal with copyright for linking to stuff in the mytakes?

like when people use images from all around the web and link articles... why isn't there a disclaimer or anything? I've heard that gag owns all the mytakes, but how can they when people link to different things in the mytake?


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  • Because you aren't claiming the images/videos as your own, nor are you making any money off of them. It's no different than uploading a youtube video with copyrighted music in the background. As long as you don't use that video as a Youtube partner then it's not breaking any rules.

    • but isn't gag making money, since there's ads on here?

    • They are making money from their ads not myTakes. It's no different from people posting pictures and videos on Facebook or Youtube. Thanks for MHO.

    • that makes perfect sense. thank you. and yw

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  • Good question! I'll report them and hopefully they'll go to do some maintenance and they'll just see a message that says "Your Website (listed below) has been removed because it was too antagonistic to Kanye West. While we encourage lively debate, websites that bait or antagonize Kanye are removed. These posts don't fall within our mission of a helpful and caring hiphop community, and they don't add value to Kim's ass.
    Thanks for your understanding.


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