When you report a person from their profile does that person always get a notification that someone has reported them?



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  • I'd like to know why when reporting an obvious antagonizing insult meant to hurt or annoy that has nothing to do with an opinion given is still hanging around on an opinion I made after reporting it about two hours ago. Do some mods just not know when something is blatantly offensive? I keep checking, and can't even report a second time as it's still sitting there. I notice offensive Questions sure get pulled really quick but not some comments nestled within Questions and myTakes. Is there a big backlog for this stuff or is insulting someone totally off topic just not important enough to remove?

    • Maybe I should have tagged my favourite mods/admins here for this

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    • @YourFutureEx hit it on the head. Mods never see a list of user-reported items--we just "hide" things that we believe to be in violation of site rules, and that notifies admin to review the material in question.

      If you do see something particularly offensive, you can report it as well as notify mods/supermods/ubermods about it and they/we can decide whether it merits being "hidden." In the example you gave about being personally attacked, I would have hidden it immediately had I seen it.

      Hope this helps! :)

    • Well first, moderators do not receive notifications of reports, only admins do. Second, we aren't always logged on 24/7 constantly checking reported posts. However, we do check several times a day to take care of the reported posts and everything gets reviewed within at least 24 hours. If you see something that you think requires more immediate attention, feel free to send me a private message about the post :)

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  • It's my understanding that the only time a user knows they've been reported is when admin decides that they've violated a site rule.


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  • No, users are not notified if someone reports them.

  • They only get a notification when their post has been removed by an admin, they won't know who has reported them.

  • I don't think you get a notification

    • Oh thanks I am sick of girls treating me like shit on here and in real life. I am not saying I am perfect but many girls find it fine to pick on me and bully me even when I have done nothing to them. This is why at the moment I feel I never want to marry a girl.

  • no they don't get a notification, but the admin or someone looks over your profile and see whether or not this report is actually true or legit


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