Is there a way to see who has the highest MHO % of all time?

Where is it at? I can't find it anywhere.


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  • I'm pretty sure there is no way to look this up.

    In theory, there is more than likely a person on here who has answered one (or maybe a few) questions and coincidentally had their answer (s) chosen for MHO. Or there are people who sneakily have duplicate accounts and use their main account to answer the duplicate accounts' questions, so they pick the MHO every time for their main account WITH their duplicate accounts.

    This is a good question. I would be curious to know who it is.


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  • There is no way to view that currently. However, we will be creating a list of the users with the highest MHO percentages in the near future :)

  • Many times, Someone will Ask Who has the Highest MHO? I have a 48% and it has stuck like glue even Being a GURU.
    @BearsAnswers as well has a High One and a few Others that I have kept up on. Most of the time I see plenty when a person Posts a Question in general.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, @Klaatu51, for Posing.. I hope @coolbreeze is not sore at me for almost forgetting that HE too has High. lol:)) xxoo

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    • @Paris13 lol you should be at 50 percent. I think its a lot of adding and dividing math to figure it out. I think its about supply and demand type of thing. Lol I am not mad at you for not calling me out. You deserve just as much praise. You work very hard to get where you are at. Just like me.😎

    • Yes, they did try t explain this to me but that was way last year. lol I will try and be better in not forgetting a trick in the future, @coolbreze, when it comes to this and not make it even a math problem when it comes to Remembering you. lol:)) xxoo