What to do when you place here is in question?

If you are offered a position here as a moderator , would you take it? Before answering this question , lets say it over time begin to take away from the joy of just being a regular member and rather than being fun and informitive it started to become ho hum and more like a job. my question is would you still want to do it? and if you are already a mod. whould you remain one or opt out?

  • I have wanted to be a Moderator for a long time and have never been offered the position
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  • I am a modrator now and Love it , and would not be willing to go back to just being a regular member.
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  • I am presently a Moderator and have begun to feel like you described in you question.
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  • Who in their right mind would want to give up such a position?
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  • What is a Moderator? and what is their purpose here /
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well it is done , I am just an average Joe once again


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  • Sometimes I get tired of it when I'm chasing down a LOT of really negative or pervy comments. I don't think I'd put as much effort into that sort of thing as a regular user.

    But for all that I don't think I'd want to go back. I want to be able to help people and the best way to do that is as a mod.

    • I just don't share in the joy you have for the position , but its great that you do. congrats

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    • Awww :C it would be a bummer if another good person left :c

    • I don't know about all that good person stuff. I can't say that leaving would be that big of a deal for me actually being I don't really know anyone. I have followers and I honestly don't know why because we seldom if ever talk and I can't say I have made a single friend while I have been here. And please don't think this is a pitty trip that I am on because it just isn't

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  • I don't think I'd want to be a moderator cause I would probably get kicked out after a couple of days for having a difference of opinion then the other mods. For example - I would ban all questions attacking religion. I would ban all questions that appear to be racist. I would ban all questions attacking muslims. I would ban all girls who talk about slutty behaviour. I would ban all people who attack people for being more righteous then them and I would ban all people who are anti-religious, anti-charity, anti-chastity, anti-humility or unwilling to acknowledge they are wrong. I would also ban some of the other mods. I blocked one who seemed completely repulsive to me and have no idea how she made it as a mod.

    • that's not how moderation works on this site at all. Everyone gets a copy of the posting guidelines https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts and then they flag things based on those guidelines. The administration reviews the flags and decides to remove the post or not.

      It's also pretty common for mods to disagree with one another. We all get along because we choose to do so and see some things the same way.

    • happy b-day just noticed u turned 30

    • Thanks Klaatu51! I turned 30 on August 5th.

  • I have no interest in being a mod.

  • I love being a mod :D

    • how long have you been a mod. young lady

    • okay i think I was offered being a mod on march, a super mod on may and a uber mod on June so that makes 5 months in total of being a mod :)

    • very cool on your hard work , I don't share in the joy of the position. as a matter of fact I believe I will give it up to just go back to being an average Jo

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  • I wouldn't particularly mind being a mod, but I think I need to work on getting a higher level on here first. I don't usually say super controversial opinions and I try to be respectful if I do... so I doubt my behavior would change much, mod or not.
    If I was asked to do it, sure I would, but I'm not going to go out of my way to become one.

    • send a message to Girls Ask Guys and request to be , your Epx is higher than mine when they offered it to me. If you want to be one they will review your past here and go from there. If you choose to do it , good luck

    • I'm thinking that I'm going to spend some more months being a regular member before I go down that path and contact them. I'm not sure if I'd be active enough to mod anyway 😅


    i'm a mod now and i love it, and i'd not throw my badge away. i'm a part of GAG's "staff" basically and this is sth i definetely love. since i've got lots of free time this will help me fulfil my mod-duties much more than users who have a lack of free-time. after all trolls and users who post mean/ofensive or unhelpful opinions r spread all-around GAG and someone needs to be on da look-out to cut 'em-off... it's a honor to have such a position.

    i cannot understand those users who'd turn down such a position... it's always a honor to be offered a position as mod... and u turn it down? huh... y?



    • I didn't exactly turn it down , I gave it up.

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    • i see... i understand, havin a lack of free time won't help being a mod

    • No honestly it won't help at all. I took the responsibilities serious and I just couldn't do what was needed in a manner that it needed to be

  • I don't mind being a moderator.

    It let's me semi end discussions
    that has no purpose but to cause trouble
    and go nowhere.

    I still do all the things I did
    before I became moderator. ^.^

  • I would not want to be one, I like to say 'fuck' a lot, i'm politically incorrect and just a genuine cunt. And, i'm sure being a mod would not allow me to do that.

    • no typically that is frowned upon quite a bit dude , but having to sensor your opinion sometimes is a load of horse crap

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    • Well, If it were me personally i would drop the title, I mean, whats even the point of being here if its more of a chore then enjoyment right? Though, Its your call mate.

      All the best ;)

    • it's not a chore bro... it's called "duty"

      and i can enjoy da site by da same degree ;)

  • I'll cross that bridge if and when I come to it.

  • I don't see why I would be interested in being a mod, like what's in it for me?

    • you can look forward to getting messages that you aren't reporting or blocking enough like I did today , but as far as rewards I can't say that I have seen anything that makes this position any better than when I started

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