Savagery on the internet - Is it because it is not face to face that it doesn't seem real?

I saw a post recently ( I won't mention what because I don't want poster to get any more unwanted attention ). While what they said would not be 100% agreeable to everybody, it didn't prepare me for the visciousness of some of the responders hurling personal abuse at original poster. Now I feel no human being would behave in this way face to face, most of the worse ones didn't even go anon. It got me thinking about how some internet interaction has become so depersonalised. It has led to me being told these phrases on net when I rebuke people about their behaviour ( I will put them in poll ) :- What is your view?

  • We'll never meet in real life it is just internet banter
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  • If they can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen
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  • The normal standards of social behaviour still apply on internet (My view)
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  • Their response - Don't be oversensitive
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  • Just Nosey - See Results
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  • I agree. People can be vicious on the internet because you are at the comfort of being behind the computer screen. I'm sure many people would have different attitude in real life

    But even in real life people show their viciousness. They are just really like that whether irl or on the web.


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  • Most people are not as straightforward in real life, especially when it comes to throwing insults. They often write with the mindset that it won't come back to them, that they'll never meet this person in real life and that therefore their words won't have any negative consequences for them. In real life, the fear of getting reported, hit, or ostracised is what keeps most people from doing the harsh things they do online.

    A similar thing happens with arguments. Online arguments can last forever with neither party giving in. But real life arguments often end with a compromise or parting ways because you realize the person you're arguing with is not worth it. The internet makes people braver.

    • I suppose I will have to adapt a bit to this, I find it kinda shocking

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  • its a cross between what you stated in the question and they can be all bad azzed being they don't have to have a spine to type from that computer chair. if they knew they would have to stand in front of that person , their attitude would be so much different

  • Honestly.

    If i see someone on here being a complete thunder cunt, i am going to call them out on it.
    If i am in real life, and see someone being a complete thunder cunt, i will call them out on it.

    The ''Keyboard Warrior'' is not a virtue with me, Ill treat people the same on here as i do in reality. And i won't be blunt about it either.

  • people can act anonymously on the internet. Sure you can see their username, but their real ID is hidden. This gives keyboard warriors a sense of power, and so they act on it. Chances are, the people who act this way are probably insecure in real life, and so they try to act big online, hidden behind an avatar to compensate for it.

    Shame im specializing in ecology as im sure it would make for an interesting study for anyone studying psychology.

  • I try not to pay attention to it and figure some people just don't have any compassion or tact with what they write

    • I agree with you but the odd time I think about man's inhumanity to man.

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