So, I'm just going to vent & complain about GaG. Has anyone else noticed this?

So lets see here. I know this question (well the comments) will turn out ugly but I don't care. I've been noticing that so many users have been so rude, mean, and just assholes. I usually dont ask a lot of questions on here. I just click on questions and read them, and the opinions. Quite a few users... Wait... A LOT of users are just giving GaG a bad name. Some questions... I can understand because their offensive, I get that. But others that deal with Rape, Pregnancy, Suicide or just a question that someone is having a hard time with because their going through a lot... Come on. I don't care if you're a Master, Guru, Moderator, Editor or whatever other higher level their is. Just because you have that little title for your xper level doesn't mean you can be rude, self absorbed, cunts. You should be banned if you're acting that way. No wonder why so many gagers are leaving. Its because of you assholes that ruin it. That is all. Say what you want, I'm not going to have the care to read it.

By the way, I'm on anon because I don't want to get harassing messages from all the users that this goes out to. Truth hurts, doesn't it?


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  • I have noticed a lot of users have disappeared or stepped back since the big format change.
    I have noticed many more alleged underagers.
    I have noticed many more shallow, hostile opinions, particularly when girls are looking for validation or reassurance.


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  • I just peak the truth and most times it sounds bitchy. haha
    not sure why everyone else likes they have a stick stuck in their ass but i've noticed it also.

    • Yeah, theirs a difference between speaking the truth and being an asshole. You are definitely not an asshole lol I've seen you're comments and they are awesome :)

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  • I would have asked to give me your symptoms but you are in instant need here just apply where it is mostly needed

    • My butt is fine thank you :)

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    • I'm not being sarcastic...

    • Just because you weren't sarcastic doesn't mean I wasn't. ;) lol jk thanks though :)

  • I agree with that but the part about "rude, self-absorbed, cunts" hmmm... now I wonder... can you show me some examples?
    Just for fun.

    • Just read the questions about rape. You'll see those users on there. Especially in that specific topic.

    • I wouldn't touch that topic with a ten ft pole.
      You are particularly interested in that field?

  • I can't speak for other people but I always try to be over all respectful and helpful with my answers and or opinions. I did come here to help folks after all.

  • Tough guy, couldn't show herself huh.

    • I reported this by the way

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  • they just need love, we all need love <3

  • I've noticed that quality and thoughtful advice on here is few and far between. I also always roll my eyes when people whine about people writing posts that are too long. The character limit is 2000 characters, which is hardly a lot.

    More often than not, people write short replies that may not be necessarily rude, but they aren't very helpful either. Like someone writes a detailed post and then people reply with "leave him/her". Really? Is that would you would tell a friend and if they came to you with a problem? It might be good advice to leave him/her, but maybe say something more, or then just don't bother at all.

    I'm not sure what these people's motivation is to be on here in the first place. If they just want to collect xper points to get themselves a little voucher, or if they're just bored. I'm here to help people but with the average advice people get on here, I am sure a lot of people with problems won't be coming back. I'm not even talking about giving the best advice ever, but at least make an effort.

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