Who are the top GAGer sweet hearts on here?

Top one for me honestly is @Paris13. She is sweet and kind. Always haves nice words and advice to give. She is definitely a keeper on this web site. To bad there are not many like her.


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  • Thank you so very much for this Beautiful Comment and on your Own Question, @Pretty Rican. I also Feel you are one of the Biggest Sweethearts and the Cutest on GAG... I thank you so much for This, it means sooo very much. I wish there were more people in life such as yourself with this heart of gold, young and old.
    Bless you, sweetie.
    I have a Few Others who I also find have been a Sweetie on GAG:

    There are many many Other Followers/Following and to Them as well, I know you are Real and All Sweet as well with your good points. I want to also Add, Any Anonymous who have put their time in as well. xx

    • Thank you beautiful <3

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    • Lol @Paris13 nice. Hot fudge sundaes are very good. thanks for the shout out because it's understood. Lol xoxoxoxoxo :):)

    • lol..@coolbreeze, I want a BIG Hot Fudge at Christmas with lots of my favorite toppings. lol:)) xxoo

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