Why doesn't the feature "Hide activity of users I blocked" work?

It's all in the question. @GirlAskGuys


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  • I guess it would be technically very complicated to make all the posts & users shown on the site, dependant on a user's settings.
    It would be ideal indeed but my feeling says the site would crash completely since it would take a lot from the servers :o

    • You mean crash more then usual?

    • Hahaha yeah... you know I work for a company with quite a poor IT environment... I guess I got used 8) 8)

  • I think it only hides questions asked by people you blocked.

    • Plus on feeds - Sorry I don't use feeds and keep forgetting about them.

    • Apparently it only works on feed & new questions.

  • But why are you so allergic to their activities? Let it be man...

  • You're not a people person, are you?

    • Actually quite the opposite I am a people person.
      It's only one person I keep seeing he has me on block.

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  • In what way does it not work? That feature is only supposed to hide blocked users' activity if you're looking in the site feed. Their posts will still appear in other places on the site though.

    • Perhaps that's what she
      was complaining about.

      That it didn't hide it
      in other places.

      Congrats on Admin status by the way. ^.^

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    • Just an old Windows XP desktop Google Chrome.

    • Okay, thanks.

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