How long do promoted MyTakes stay promoted for?

So after writing my time consiming Take, I got a message saying that it's been promoted and it's going to get more exposure. I also got 50 Xper, which is cool so thank you @GirlsAskGuys for that :)
So yeah, I'd like to know how long my Take is going to stay promoted for (It's supposed to get more exposure from it but so far only one person has commented :( )

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hanks ;)


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  • judgin from my own promoted takes they still have a blue lightbulb
    those who have a time-limit i believe they r da featured ones:

    "Features myTakes are docked on the homepage feed. So, these are really really awesome myTakes that the GAG editors liked a lot and decided to feature them on the homepage. Writers of Featured myTakes receive an additional 100 Xper points, so the total bounty comes up to 150 Xper points for a Featured myTake."

    ^so yeah after some time featured takes disappear from live feed. promoted will remain promoted anyway

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