Why can't you block anonymous take owners?

There's this obsessive guy who won't just let it go and I am tired of seeing the notifications and threats from him when I am not even replying anymore. But when I click on the icon to block like usual nothing comes up?


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  • You can report his post as "Antagonistic" if it fits that definition.

    • there is no flag by the top of the take there are only flags by the comments and reporting each individual comment is not going to get me anywhere because he will just keep writing more and I don't want to read or look at the either. right now he is describing how he would rape, torture, and kill me.

    • What is the title of his take?

    • "The fall of marriage and relationships: It's relation to Feminism" It's obvious he just made this take to get women to comment so he could harass them.

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  • I would contact the administration about the block not working at https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

    You're also more than welcome to flag his posts yourself or link any of the mods to them to see if we can help out. No one should be receiving threats on this site.


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  • You can not block anonymous users it's always been like that