Would I lose 10 xper or 50! if I removed my custom avatar?

This used to be 50, I think, when I uploaded it. But now, the site gives only 10 and takes back 10 if you remove your custom avatar.
But I earned 50 back then and if I remove it, the site should deduct 50 xper otherwise it'd be cheating, no? The FAQ says it is only 10 by the way.

Any (old one who earned 50) GAGer wanna check it for me by removing one's avatar? :P

  • I know, you will just lose 10. Yes, it is cheating. You don't deserve the remaining 40 xper!!!
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  • You will lose 50. Don't try to act smart.
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  • I don't know but I am going to check it just for you <3
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  • No. Hell no. No way I am gonna check it. I don't even know by the way. Don't even care. (Well, I do care. After all it's xper. Lemme follow this question)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If it says you'll lose 10 Xper points now, then you will lose 10 Xper, not the first 50 you gained.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Even if you've earned 50 I guess it would be 10 now when you remove it :) Advantage of being an older member I guess :D

    • LOL. Finally someone who understands this.
      Thanks a lot. You're always the most helpful :)

    • The pleasure is always mine young friend :)

    • Thank you for your gracious and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH, young friend :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • i actually have no idea wtf ur talkin bout.

    • O_O Simple maths

      Step 1.
      Before GAG updated xper and rewards :-
      - Upload Custom Avatar +50 (first time only)
      - Custom Avatar Removal -50

      Step 2.
      - I uploaded avatar and claimed 50 xper

      Step 3.
      GAG updated
      - Upload Custom Avatar +10 (first time only)
      - Custom Avatar Removal -10

      Step 4.
      What if I remove my avatar? Would I lose 50 because I earned 50 or would I lose 10 according to FAQ?

    • ha ha you've been doing a lot of 'wtf' these days :D and good to see you around too little lioness :D <3

    • i didn't even know u gained or lost xper over pics -.- oh my gosh...

  • wtf is a custom avatar? and why would someone lose points?

    • Your profile pic is called as custom avatar. Back then, you are awarded 50 xper to add a pic and would lose 50 for removing it because then, you'd earn infinite xper by just adding pics.

      Now, after the update, you'll earn only 10 and would lose only 10.

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    • No. You earned your points. Now you can just lose them by removing it.

    • hmm.. okay.

What Guys Said 7

  • I'm not sure. Gag use to give experience point clues on the old site. When having all the picture slots filled, I think we got 3 points. It said "+3" for a few seconds. I think we got plus or minus 3 points for adding or removing a profile pic. I thought it was pretty trivial.

  • Wait wait... you mean you can lose xper by removing the avatar? The hell, why? I plan to change mine every time I go up a level. I'll lose points every time?

    • Changing won't decrease your points but if you remove it to default personality avatar, you'd lost them. But as soon as you'll set up a new avatar, you'll regain them :)

  • Custom Avatar Removal -10

    You lose 10 points

  • I voted E just to be silly. Are YOU of all people, agonizing over a few XPer points? ;-)

    • Haha no I wasn't agonizing. I donate my points so they're worthless to me. I was just wondering if there's any GAGer who'd solve this mystery :)

  • We are obidiant slaves of gag whatever the overlords decide in xper board

  • xper hunters lets make points omg omg lol... when this turn into a question and matter for some people...

    • No I am not an xper hunter :) I donate all of my points.
      This was just mean to a trick question.

    • for me the important here its try help people and try get some answer for problems or whatever... i dont care about mho or xper... its easy say what people want to hear... that why a lot of the same people get mho...

    • Exactly :) You are ABSOLUTELY right.

  • i actually have no idea wtf ur talkin bout.

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