Do you think mods/admins are oversensitive and abuse their power on here?

Yesterday, I made a question "How do I get advice about sex on a website full of virgins?" Yeah, I get it, people are going to get riled up at a question like that. It was half comical, half serious, knowing that most GAGers are virgins. But the community removed it and marked it as "Spamming", that was their reasoning. I've had other comments removed that one could describe as "anti-feminazi", their reasoning was because it was poor grammar because I wrote something in all caps. I just think it's a little ridiculous how they abuse their authority because pansies can't take it on here...


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  • Well, spamming was not a great reason but you were being rude to virgins and shoving the virgin status to everyone.

    And you should not yell. Yes, writing in all caps is considered as yelling which is not good for community and it is certainly grammatically incorrect, no?

    And this question will be removed too. If you want to ask anything like this stuff, better contact admins directly :-

    Posting guidelines :-
    Please keep your posts clean and genuine. Good luck :)


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  • The reason most people are on this site is not to engage in angry debate. You can make fun of people for being virgins but you were once a virgin, right? You can make fun of me for being old, but unless an angry husband shoots your ass one day, you will eventually become an old man.

    It is easy to make fun of people for what you perceive to be as their faults. It is more difficult, but infinitely more valuable, to hold out a helping hand. Your actions tell others about you; what message do you want to send through your actions?

  • Try being a little bit more tactful in how you word and format your post.

    • Yeah, It wasn't like a "I'M ANGRY AND THIS IS MY POINT" is more satirical, I just feel someone got butthurt and reported me for "bad grammar"

    • There's more butthurt on this site than a prison shower room.

    • it was more satirical*

  • I keep screenshot and content of question saved with me. If my posts get deleted, i slightly tweak the content to fit into posting guidelines and repost it.

    But your question deletion was fair, yet it was more 'nonsense' than 'spamming' .

    • A lot of people come here for advice on sex, this site is full of virgins, how is it supposed to work?

    • Then use another forum.

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