Xp level decreasing?

so I had my level at 4 and xp 523, but today it's down to level 3 and 400 Xp. What's going on? I really don't get these do. And also another thing, how do you redeem these Xperia points


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  • It could have been an Error that the Administration here, dear, Caught and Now have Rectified it. However, it's always good to find out and perhaps @Klaatu51 who is Master and Moderator could be some Good Assistance with Both.
    When GAG did a whole new thing a year ago, I lost a Level so I had to work Extra hard in getting back on my feet to make Guru before Christmas, which I happily did.
    Good luck. xx

  • Points get deducted for certain things. Like not logging in for so long.

    • ount is cancelled -20
      Relationship Status Removal -10
      Occupation Removal -10
      Custom Avatar Removal -10
      Avatar Reset by Admin -25
      No login for 7 days -20
      No login for 30 days -50
      No login for 90 days -100

      Disconnect Facebook Account -100
      Disconnect Google+ Account -100
      Unfollowed by a GirlsAskGuys member -1

      Question Opinion Removal -3
      Comment Removal -1
      Most Helpful Opinion Removal -5

      Question Removal -5
      Question Update Removal -2

      myTake Removal -3
      Promoted myTake Removal -50
      Featured myTake Removel -150
      myTake Opinion Removal -1
      Featured myTake Opinion Removal -1
      Promoted myTake Followers gets below 10 -10
      Promoted myTake first Opinion for gender Removal -2

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    • I think some of these are unfair. Unfollowed by someone loses xp points?

    • *Shrugs.* I didn't do it. Lol.