How do mytakes get promoted and featured?

I don't understand. This my take of mine: got promoted, yet I still have yet to see anything for this take I recently wrote up: I wrote this second take about 8 hours ago...

I had another take which I disavowed get promoted within an hour.

How will I know if my most recent take will get promoted?


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  • The admins review all posted myTakes and make the decision about which ones to promote and feature. All myTakes get reviewed within 24 hours and if yours is chosen to be promoted or featured, you will receive a message about it. More information about myTakes can be found in the FAQ :)

    • So in the next 12 hours, if mine isn't promoted, I can assume rejection?

      Sorry, it's just, there are some points I made in that myTake that I've really been wanting to broadcast here and the problem is that if your take doesn't get promoted, almost no one sees it. And I really did my best to write with good grammar and spelling, organize it and even included a picture. I thought that's what gets a myTake prmoted?

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    • haha congrats :)

    • I don't understand though why this take I just wrote wasn't promoted:

      I thought this take was really well written...

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