G@gers, anyone else super annoyed by GAG spams?

Ugh I have to scroll like ccrazy to get a comment up, or just to avoid accidentally entering those 'Slut Posts' marrying girls or anti aging fauxes etc...

Am I the only one who hates them?

Ps. I use Gag on my phone


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  • Literally 80% of my page is just adverts to meet Asian whores... -_-


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  • I use adblock edge on firefox, I don't get any of the garbage.
    I get a pop up when I log in saying "Hey we are trying to make money, please disable adblock" but honestly I refuse to be inundated with spam like "AD rape". If they put it down the side or somewhere where I am not being forced then I would be less forced to shut it down.


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  • it does suck on phone