Is it just me or have the new ads and redirecting on IOS GaG off putting and getting you off GaG?

Let's be honest a lot of people are gonna accuse me of crying and claim that GaG is free so I have no right to complain. Not to mention I'm sure most GaGers don't know me as most of my questions are anon, but know that you all have helped me a lot and I've enjoyed helping you...
but with the recent IOS ads which direct me to different pages and open the App Store, I just can't deal with this anymore, I'm trying to write a reply or comment on an oppinion, and GaG throws me off and erases my text...
ovee the last few days I've been on a lot less, and to be frank, I'll probably quit altogether if this isn't fixed soon.
Ads are understandable and needed on such a site... Ads that kick you out of your page your scrolling and force you into the App Store. Are simply bad, and counter productive.


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  • I don't really know what you mean. What IOS adds? Like for games or something? I haven't seen them... Are you on your computer or phone?

    (btw, you really have the cutest brown eyes I've ever seen)

    • lol awww thanks, I think you have an amazing smile :)
      Well the issue is actually just on my IPhone Operating System (IOS), like I used to be able to do stuff on there all the time, buuuut now it's like I tried to respond to your comment like 5 times and it kept kicking me out to different sites and stuff till I decided to just go on my latop lol.

    • What kind of IOS do you have then? Have you tried it on a different webbrowser? And to what kind of sites does your phone kicks you to? Like spam sites? Have you ever had the same thing on different sites?

    • I have an IPhone 4s, which is kinda old now I guess, but it doesn't do this on any other site... hmm I've been using Safari, but maybe trying to use chrome, might make things better, I'll try that out, though it is slower, but anything is better then how it is.
      It just sends me to random ad sites and sometimes sends me into the app store.

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