Whats with the excessive man bashing lately?

I mean there is a difference beetween venting and ignorant generalizations. Its like all you see is men are stupid/violent/uncaring/rapists.

Youd think the people running this site almost aprove.


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  • They are just bitter females that are like this and not worth anyone's time or effort. Some men are also like this and they to are not worth anyone's time or effort.

    • Yes but I am just saying it is getting a little out of control as of late.

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    • I care about people's feelings including women's feelings, but that is not the issue. Hate mongering is not a feeling. Even when it is against men! It is just as wrong, just as sexist, and just needs to be stopped!

    • Thanks for MHA

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  • Like @9mfeo said. GaG approves a whole gamut of crazy and ridiculous things so I wouldn't take of too seriously.

    • 😘😘😘😍😍😍

    • Yea they approve of lots of man bashing, and saying men "approve of rape manuals", and they wonder why so many people leave this excuse for a site. Looks like its nothing but an excuse for sexist women to bash men, and use any excuse at all to do it.

  • You mean some of the girls on anon. And tbh there's a lot more women/feminist bashing. And Admins are slack and so are the standard rules for what they allow on this site.

    • No not always anon. In fact there is one who posted here falsely claiming that we men "approve of rape manuals". As for women bashing I have not noticed as much. As for feminist bashing, well the movement perpetuates much of the men bashing I am talking about. Then they wonder why so many people disagree with their movement...

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    • Ah more ignorant man bashers! I told you they don't need to go annon!

    • They have no problem proclaiming their identities without fear of retribution! One man trolls a mytake, its open season to claim men are rapists and support rape manuals! You are all pathetic.

  • They approve of rape manuals so... Perhaps not the best judge.

    • Uh, I'm talking about a particular user's MyTake. It was essentially saying that if a girl says no, she means yes and you should fuck her regardless of whether she protests or not.

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    • It was called "10 surefire dtf signs" or something equally MGTOW and was written by Pavlove. He's a writer (or wants to be) for Return of Kings. It's not like he's a nice guy.

      By the way, you're the one jumping to conclusions here. I'm making a commentary on the nature of the website itself, not men. Grow the fuck up.

    • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a11277-10-dtf-signs-you-can-bank-on

      This was promoted for a week before it got taken off the main page. Admin wouldn't remove it because apparently they believe sweat pants make a woman easy.

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  • I see just as much if not more feminist/ woman bashing on here... a lot of GAGers are bitter people who have been spurned or used by the opposite sex and come on here to complain and get people who agree with them.

    • Well first off, calling her a b$tch doesn't help your case... and I think she was talking about a guy who was saying no means yes in a very rapey my take that was never taken down...

      Anyway, lots of the time the complaining turns into hate spreading because they make general, wide sweeping claims about the opposite sex, not just their experiences.

      the mods only really see what is reported! so everything goes live as soon as you hit enter, it has to be retroactively taken down.

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    • 1. The mods are some of the ones contributing to it. Of the 3 people claiming we men "approve of rape manuals" on this post alone, two of them are some kind of moderators.

      Do you REALLY think they are going to stop man bashing? THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

      2. This goes BEYOND disagreement and difference of opinion! Hate mongers should not be able to hide behind terms reserved for civil discussion! You cannot say "men approve of rape manuals" then when presented with evidence simply say "we have a differing opinion".

      I will tell you and the hate mongers you are defending the same thing I tell the birthers and people who think global warming is a hoax:

    • You are entitled to your own opinions, NOT your own facts!