GAG is excellent... no doubt in that !! :-) But few corrections r still needed , isn't it? If yes , then what they are?


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  • They need to work in the notifications. I have to refresh the page the get them.. and I think they are working on it.. Cruz it is better thathan before.. so keep it up!! 👍
    other than that they should work on the mobile version of gag cuz most of us cannot use laptop all the time..
    and there should be some way to know who and how many have blocked us.. I m sure I have quite a few.. xD 😁😁


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  • Having the ability to go Anonymous


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  • I would like it if gag allowed us to delete or edit our own posts. Gag would be ten times better if we could delete/edit our own posts.

    • The reason that isn't a feature, though
      is, according to me, to limit the amount
      of trolling posts.

      As they'd be able to write nonsense
      or blatanly hit on girls, just to delete/edit it
      onbce they're accused of anything.

      The idea is good on paper, though. ^.^

    • So that if you regret posting something you can just delete or edit it.

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