Girls, why don't you give a shit about us guys here?

I'm gonna get called bitter for this but if that happens then its only gonna serve to further show my point. Why is it that the girls here have this extreme lack of empathy for the things a guy here would go through.

I had just commented on a very well written take on the differences between normal people and losers. The bashing and ignorance that I saw from the female audience was mind blowing. Any comment that a guy made with just as much stupidity had heavy female support.

It just seems to me that, for all the sympathy we give you, most of you give nothing back.


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  • It could be the way they were raised, some people don't care much for strangers online, or they are just speaking their mind.

    I personally try to be polite, I might joke around but that's just because I'm trying to be funny. I truly don't want to hurt or offend anyone.


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