GAGers! Would you join me in hunting for GAG's treasure chest worth $24,166.594285714?

Now you can select two MHOs per question and you'd earn 1 xper for doing that and the awardee would get 5. So, you can go through your old questions and make a tremor.

There are 1409718+ questions already which would make gift cards worth $24,166.594.

Being an xper lv 1-5, I loved that update but being a Guru, I hated that. So that's why I want all units to ATTACK!

Would you join the revolution?


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  • Heck yes! I'm joining the revolution you're a freaking' genius!

    I heard about it and was informed that the we now can select a guy and and a girls opinion for MH but I didn't even think to go back to my old questions... I don't even ask questions anymore.

    Xper points here I come! 😁

    • What an intelligent lady. Check other opinions.

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    • And now I have 80 notifications to respond to from questions 2yrs ago...

    • Haha thank god I asked only 142 questions 😅

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  • WTF? before openin yer question i thought it'd be u... and i was right :D

    well... i had 1860 questions... so basically if i went through all my questions and pick MHO, i'd earn 1860 Xper... but guess wot? i disavowed all my questions today just coz i was pissed wid people who were respondin to old questions of mine ;p

    personally i love this update... it'll help me boost my MHO percentage... fuck yeah i
    already received lots of MHOs after this update 8)

    not to mention auto-selected ones... i might wake up tomorrow and see my percentage from 14% goin str8-thru to 17%

    ok ok i know percentage's fake... but my goal's 30% ;p

    • I don't believe it's going to happen with me :(

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    • @asker hahahah let's wait and see... auto-selected MHOs kick-in after 3.5-4 hrs ;)
      and thanks for MHO

      @divamonae yeah it took me hrs... and if u notice in my profile it mentions i've got 10 questions... and so wot about 1.86k points? i've got almost 180k points anyway... so another 1.86k'd mean nothing

      but anyway wot it matters is now i won't get people respondin to questions i asked 1 or even 2 years ago... it's really annoyin u know... and sometimes i feel ashamed about wot i wrote back then and i dont wanna remember :|

    • Lol I know exactly what you mean I disowned a few of mine as well.

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