Why do people come to this site and give their opinions if they don't want people to comment or challenge them?

It happened to me multiple times already. I come to this site to give advice when I can, to share my opinions and to challenge people's opinions. I don't mind a little fight once in a while, but I don't comment with this intention in mind unless the question is hateful or blatantly dishonest. I am fascinated by people's motives and behavior and I like to get to the bottom of things. Yet, very often it seems people think I am picking fights with them when all I am doing is trying to better understand their opinion. Some people take it for what it is, some other if not most actually don't want me to comment and even complain that I write too much text. So my question is. If you don't want people to comment on your opinion, why do you come here?


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  • The same with those people that ask a question and then pick the opinion that agrees with their own the most as MHO.

    They probably aren't interested in improving their perspective of something and just want to be told they're right. It's the difference between ignorance and stupidity in my opinion,


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  • Well, I do get annoyed sometimes when I just state that, for instance, I'm an atheist and 3 people comment "how can you be so ignorant?" "your going to hell" or "you're just living in denial" - it's called an opinion for a reason and opinions are hardly ever objective - I don't mind if someone doesn't agree with my opinion on certain topics but I think there's a difference between disagreements and disrespect.

    • Religion IS my weak spot to be honest. I have to stop myself at some point because there is no way I could ever be convinced of the "advantages" of being religious and there is no chance I can convince someone from letting go of theirs :-)

      Some of their arguments make me mad though sometimes. Like atheists cannot discern between right and wrong because there is no imaginary man telling them what is what. Ughhh... I may or may not fall into disrespect when it gets to this... I try not to, but it's not easy. :-)

    • I agree but I've learned to ignore comments like those because I don't see how it would make me any better than them if I start wasting my time to even argue with those people..

  • Hey! So I tried messaging you but I can't because I'm not "level 2 yet" but you gave me some great advice before and I have another question. I just posted a recent one. Would you mind posting on it? I'd love to hear your feedback!

  • I relate to this post. It's mostly people not liking being told they are wrong and it's kind of immature. They post trying to get everyone to agree with their way of thinking and get upset when the people do not.

    • Yes. It's like why do you leave your opinion if you can't be bothered to defend it on a site that is dedicated to that ? Where is the fun of having people agreeing with you? I prefer when people show me that I am wrong. At least, I've learned something !

    • It's definitely more fun being open minded

    • Absolutely :-)

  • just like how people ask questions when they dont want honest opinions. its immaturity.


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  • Lots of people come on here just to reaffirm things to themselves... like when a girl asks where you want to go to dinner between two options, they already made up their mind, they just want you to pick the one they want with out telling you to lol

    All joking aside, I see it all the time where people ask if someone likes them and then if you say no, they just keep bringing up more and more tangential reasons they think the person likes them... regardless.

    Lots of people come on here with their mind made up about something, they just want you to say what they are already thinking...

    And lets not get started on the political stuff... I admit I get dragged into those things more than I would like, but the internet is not the place to come and debate those things...

    in the end though, I stick on here because there are still enough people who really do want to know other people opinions or have questions too awkward to ask IRL and I want to help those people and love it when they actually listen and at least accept your opinion as an opinion-even if in the end they still disagree.

    • Well, I actually have no problems with people who already made up their mind but are curious about people's opinion. At least, they come here because they are actually interested in people's opinion... I am talking more about people who leave an opinion but then are pissed if you ask them to explain themselves or if you challenge them politely. If you don't want to have a discussion, then don't come here no?

  • because you're a shitty communictor. i think you may be rude and then say "it's my view.. it's my opiniooooon!" when it wasn't really called for.

    • If you come to this site, then your views and opinions ARE called for. If you are not interested in other people's views and opinions, you have no reasons to be here. I don't think I am a shitty communicator either. I master the language enough to express myself freely without too much difficulty and I am a good listener. If I am being antagonistic from the start, I don't expect much from the conversation, but this is not what I am talking about here.

  • To give my opinion in peace and for people to agree with me. I'm not playing if things don't go the way I want them to! looooool

    • Yes ! LOL
      Sure looks like it :-)
      But if you are not willing to have your opinion challenged, what value does your opinion has? None ! So why take the time to leave it?

      Not long ago, someone asked if it was ok to pierce condoms to become pregnant without her bf's permission. Some said simply not if you are not married. It blew my mind. I needed to know what being married would change to the situation. Nobody could answer and I was clearly shown that my inquiries were not welcome. What was the value of their opinion?

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    • Sometimes it's worse than that. It's like: here's my controversial opinion, but I couldn't be bothered to explain myself...

    • "here's my controversial opinion, but I couldn't be bothered to explain myself..." I'm gonna put that on the about section on my profile! lol.
      I know man, sometimes it's like pulling teeth but I usually give up pretty quickly, stupidity probably annoys you and I get it but they ain't worth the blood pressure.

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