How does G@G community work?

I want to know everything about it I want to know what to do if something goes wrong or if I wonder how something works on G@G community I want to know how to set my profile to way I want it to be I want to know how to find my old profile I thought I deleted but 2 weeks ago I saw it again and before 2 weeks ago I've been seeing it I just want to know how to delete all of it so I can only have 1 profile and how do I delete questions comments opinions or speeches if I really want to so badly I want to know how everything in G@G community works.


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  • Ask and answer questions. That's it. That's how it works. Big picture

    • I know that I met like everything I need to know about it like the detail I added didn't you read the detail part of the question I want to know how to delete my old profile or know how to do more in it as the days go by

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