Is there any other way to go about wiping someone's opinion from your MyTake on this site?

So I recently did a MyTake on here and got in a heated discussion with some guy that posted an opinion about it. The piece of shit then made a snide remark and blocked me afterward, officially blocking me out from posting any response to his retarded rants. Normally I really don't give a shit but I took some time to write this MyTake and now his opinion sits there without me being able to respond to anything about it and it's grating my nerves. The fact that this douchebag made a shit comment to me and then blocked me out of my own MyTake is pissing me off. I reported but not sure if anything will come of it since what happened exactly isn't a selectable option and isn't entirely obvious unless they look to see if I've been blocked. Anyway, venting. I'm sure I'm not the only person that's run into this problem but if someone wants to block the owner of a MyTake or Question that they themselves commented on like a bitch, I think their statements should be erased plain and simple.


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  • You can block him back, but other than that you're screwed.

    • that sucks :( a lot of good that'll do me

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    • Thanks for most helpful. I saw your question. They got rid of it extra quick bro.

    • lol yeah they did. Still funny though

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  • You can only block him back. I don't think there is any other way. Sorry about that, fellow.

    • Sucks this site won't let us bash these users. They definitely deserve it

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  • You can block him to stop him posting anything more on the Mytake. If you believe what he said on your Mytake is breaking the terms and conditions you can report it. However, admins will only remove it if it is actually breaking the terms and conditions.