Do we get extra xper points for every up vote? If not, I think we should?


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  • We currently don't but we should i do agree with giving points for every up vote and every down vote should be points taken away , I did bring this to the attention of the Administrator. I believe that is just a wasted system just sitting there not doing nothing why not put it to use that is great idea?


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  • I don't think voting does anything for Xper points, these are the was to earn Xper (taken from the FaQ)

    - Signup +10
    - Login per day +5
    - Set Relationship Status +10
    - Set Occupation +10
    - Upload Custom Avatar +10 (first time only)
    - GirlsAskGuys Anniversary +25
    - Birthday +25
    - If you are Followed by another member +1
    - Ask a Question +1
    - When you select Most Helpful Opinion for each gender for your Question +1 (+2 for selecting a MHO from both genders)
    -Question is featured by the system (you will receive a message for this) +4
    - Share your Opinion on a myTake +1
    - First Opinion from each gender on a myTake +1
    - myTake is Promoted (you will receive a message; blue/pink lightbulb) +50
    - myTake is Featured (you will receive a message for this) +150
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured myTake +1
    - myTake gets more than 10 Followers +10
    -Connect Facebook Account +100
    - Connect Google+ Account +100
    - Share your Opinion on a Question +1
    - You got Most Helpful Award +5
    - Your Opinion is the first Opinion from your gender +1
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured Question +1
    - Vote on a Featured Poll +2
    - Top 2 MHO users of the week +100


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  • Giving xper points for up votes would instantly turn G@G into a popularity contest with up votes to all of those on here who have a following based on their fitting into a group of people and being popular, with absolutely no connection to whether the opinion is worth anything, let alone even good. In fact, if you look through many of the MHO posts, you will find that they are so often excellent opinions that asre well thought out and explained, and may even have lots of comments, but only one or two votes, while on the same question the popular people are joking back and forth and getting lots of up votes.

    Can't see that it would be beneficial to anyone other than popularity queens (and kings).

  • nope u don't... and i believe it wouldn't be a bad idea to get +1 Xper/upvote... but -1 Xper/downvote as well.

    there's some anon female aged 18-24 who poops-up (sic) in every question on da "no-opinions" section, postin 3-word comments, in long-description questions without even readin 'em.. this is fuckin shitty, and we all know she's doin it for Xper points, and she's not even helpin...

    so if people start givin her downvotes, i believe she'll stop sooner or later ;)

    wot about it?

  • No, I don't think so and that's a good thing. Giving people XPER for upvotes penalizes people for having unpopular opinions and would reinforce a culture of conformity. GaG should reward people for being genuine as long as you're not being a dick about it.

  • Sure or like.5 xper would be cool too.

  • Hm... I don't think so

  • Yes, for every up vote, you get 1 Xper points. And you gift 5 Xper points to them.


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