Anyone else notice this has become less of a helpful community, and more of a biased man bashing site?

I've been on here some time. There used to be a lot of genuine questions about life and relationships. Lately it seems less about that and more about bashing men. The typical, men are evil/stupid/unfeeling/rapist feminist bullhsit. And anyone who points it out is accused of "attacking women" somehow. Like its our fault reality and their delusions don't coinside.

Whats the deal?


I, and most of the post I am talking about do not insult the posters, but are the ones insulted themselves. Accused of being stupid, attacking women etc. In fact many times it is the posters that make outrageous, untrue accusations towards men, or a subgroup of men.

I am not counting the ones that are trolling or that actually insult the posters/women in general. So don't assume its because myself or others "started it" because in these cases I am discussing it is simply not true.

Also, there are women bashers as well, however I have observed men bashing far in excess of that.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I've noticed it too. Sometimes I think im the only girl willing to stand up and say that 99.9999% of men are not rapists, cheaters, molesters, sexist pigs, child abusers or woman beaters but rather they are son, brothers, uncles, nephews, fathers, grandfathers, cousins, friends, boyfriends and husbands. I think a lot women here seem to have a lot pent up aggression and frustration and really need to give mankind a break.

    • Shame, guess all the good hearted people get shouted off this site. Here's to you Espolare99!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes if your a man and happen to be white automatically every hard done sad sack holds you responsible for all there ills especially women as they are the most likely to start some s**t insult and block then run to the admins claiming your being abusive despite the bullying and explicit language they have been hurling at you.


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What Girls Said 5

  • It's happening on both sides. Just a few days ago a girl was having a go at guys and I stood up for men and I got blamed. Same goes when a guy posts having a go at females, I also got the blame when I defended females.

    It's gotten ridiculous because it's gotten to the point where I see several of these types of posts a day. But to be honest, I think it's rather even. Same amount by both men and women

    • I do acknowledge there are men who are like this to women, but it is nowhere near the amount of man bashing women do. There is also a difference between venting because of a bad relationship, and ongoing, almost institutionalized hatred of a gender.

  • I've only been here about 3 months but I can see that feminism is a popular/unpopular topic. A lot of questions are pointless and a lot of people troll and act all sexually desperate. Is this the norm?

    • I wouldn't say norm but far to common.

  • Not really. You could be biased because you're a guy. What I've noticed is that this site has just become more of an entertainment source than an advice website

  • Some on both sides are guilty of this.

  • i dont think so.


What Guys Said 4

  • i've noticed this from both sides actually... guys r sayin how shitty gals r and vice versa.
    i believe admins should make a new rule about deletin/reportin questions dat criticize guys/gals generally.

    like questions of da type:

    "y all guys r assholes?" or "y all gals r sluts?"

    • How about men approve of rape. Or saying men apptove of rape is the equivilent of attacking women?

      Out of curosity how do you report someone?

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    • @dangerdoge do they take 'em down at least?

    • I've done it before and they've taken them down. Sometimes they don't. It all depends on how generalizing/rude the person was.

  • What's your problem, bro?

  • Man bashing. Woman bashing. Race baiting. Religion bashing. Everything else bashing.

    Overall this place seems like a battlefield with people asking loaded questions. It's like they just can't let it go.

  • When something has been deeply rooted in society, it's just a matter of time before it's reflected online.