Whats with all of these playbuzz quizez?

i dont know if you guys have noticed but people seems to be asking other people around here to play playbuzz quizez the entire time. is it just to get more attention to the user themselfs or what? I don't know about you guys but i dont see the meaning behind all of this spamming?


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  • It isn't spamming at all. There are a few main people that post them, and they do it as a fun way for anyone here to pass the time. It is entertaining to see some of the results and to compare yours with everyone else's. If you don't want to join in, that's fine. If you want to take a few minutes (or less) to join in the silliness, that's fine, too.

    • It is spamming. And im also starting to think they are bots whos just doing this for attention for playbuzz :/

    • It's not spamming. They're not sending the same message over and over. Sure, the quizzes may give attention to certain sites, but that happens everywhere. If you don't like it, block the people who frequently post the quizzes. That way, you won't see them.

    • It is spamming.:/

  • Hmm.. I personally love it lol and it's cool because awesome peeps like @MissNowhere, @cinderelli and @kimberleyyy posts really funny quizes (and amazing and weird ones as well 😂).

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