Have you ever seen offensive questions on here that AREN'T deleted by mods/admins?

I just saw a very offensive, sexist, question on here that has been up for a whole day. No mod has even bothered taking it down. Some have even answered and yet the question remains. Why?


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  • please send me da link on pm... although i'm just a regular mod so only thing i can do's report but if more people will see this question and report it it'll be taken down sooner or later


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  • Yeah but it's not like the moderators are omnipotent beings they can't be everywhere
    that's why we help them by reporting questions. :p

    • True. They just deleted it after I reported it.

    • There you go. :D If you need a moderator to look at something in the future, you can see all of them here
      https://ww w. girl saskguys. co m/faq/modera tors (remove spaces) I can't post links yet :( But just look for the (S) uper mods and (U) ber mods. :)

    • Okay. Thank you :)

  • There was a question about transgender porn. There were nude pictures and offensive terms and all they did was take the pictures down. It bothered me a lot

    • They didn't take the questions down?

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    • Next time tag a uber mod like bellepepper or BertMacklinFBI or use contact us under other and send them a link about and state it is explicit content :/

    • I did use the contact section because I reported it and nothing happened so weeks later I contacted you guys and all that happened was the nude pictures left but all the offensive comments and rude slang remained. Oh well every organization misses things at some point or another.

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