Have you ever wondered how many 'catfish' are here on g@g?

Im asking this anon bc I just happen to got scared today when I had 7 new messages and they trangely all seem to be supermodels (as in looks..) and I just started to wonder...

Have someone else in here had the saame thought? (Scary)

  • yes, I blocked them immediately
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  • no, I can never tell who is a catfish
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  • omg, what is a catfish? *merp*
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  • You forgot to add the ' I absolutely don't give a fuck' option.

    • Yeah maybe because I do give a fuck , thumbs up still

    • The more you care, the sadder you'll be. The less you give a fuck, the happier you'll be. Block them all and forget it. Just keep doing your job, helping others and getting helped by others. Life is too short to think about such crap

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  • They might be scammers/bots
    trying to get your credentials.

    It's a frightening experience I'd imagine..

    I hate that it has to be this way, but what you can do
    is go to your profiles "My Settings" and look at the bottom
    for a little box saying: Allow messages only from people I follow.

    This will let you decide who can PM you
    by following or not following people.

    You can also make your profile private
    which will make people unable to see your
    recent activity.

    I hope those messages you got
    weren't too rough on you.

  • There are a few obvious ones. My sister has had quite a few from "girls" asking all sorts of intimate questions. She's reluctant to make her profile private, so she just blocks them, same as I do.

  • I've only had doubts about one, but I don't really interact much on this site.

    • I think that is wise for you to do!

  • Me on the other hand rarely see any 'super models' on here, but maybe our view is different

  • Nope we're all good people definitely

  • i do not care at all. i am a real. i do not even have a picture...

  • yea their are tons on here @BrieLove


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