Can we change the image for Sexual Behavior?

It's just annoying how it keeps popping up for every question in sexual behaviour, and it's not even sexy.

Can you make the image hotter? A picture of say a girl and guy in bed where you can actually see a lot of skin?

It doesn't really suggest what the topic is about well.


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  • Why don't you just go watch some porn... and calm down a bit

    • It doesn't suggest the topic well.

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    • How is it ugly?

    • It just doesn't look appealing and it's kind of annoying for some reason. Especially when there are like 10 of them on the homescreen.

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  • The purpose of the topic picture isn't
    to please the viewers (I'd think) but rather
    to suggest what the topic is about.

    • Well that's what I am saying. It doesn't really suggest the topic well. Really, it doesn't...

    • If you have site suggestions as to how
      the site can be improved, you could give
      it a go, and contact the admins.

      Tell them what you think.

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  • Seriously, you are the only one who cares. If you want to see naked guys and girls in bed, go watch porn.
    Don't you have anything better to worry about? Like that people think you sound ridiculous?

    • It's annoying. There are like 10 questions at a time on the home page with that ugly picture.

      And it doesn't suggest the topic well enough.

      Why would I as an anonymous person care if some random people on the internet think I sound ridiculous?

      The site makes a lot of changes the community doesn't care about.

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    • Why are you so annoyed by this question?

    • I'm amazed how such a minor thing can bug someone this much. So much it is actually comedic. I should understand since I'm a perfectionist but this just seems like a first world problem.
      This isn't a porn site. They can't put up a picture that shows a lot of skin.

  • I don't think it matters.


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