Nudity on G@G. What the heck?

I am getting confused on various fronts. One is why do some women want to post nude (or as close as they can come) pictures of themselves on here. Is it just an exhibition thing? Second is: what is actually allowed on here? It used to be that a bare butt, or almost bare butt, would not be okay. Then I guess with all the bikinis basically being a strip of cloth that disappears up the butt crack, and bikinis being okay on here, the pictures of butts with thongs was okay, and then I would see pictures totally nude from the rear (no thong even) and they would stay up. Pictures with any significant amount of the breast showing would get removed, then pictures where the girl holds her fingers over her nipples have been staying up. A question that has been up for two days now has a bare breasted woman in full frontal shot with her nipples and aerolas blacked out. Mods have reported her to admin and her question (and picture) stay up. Is that okay now?

Also wondering what the mods authority in this is. And I am currently posing that quesion with one mod and trying to understand, because the authority they have seems to change.

Actually, I would not care if they opened up the gates and allowed nudes on here. Nudity has never bothered me and if people want to post themselves to the world, let them. The problem I have is that supposedly it is not allowed on here and I am one for following the rules that site owners set. And surely there are enough guys on here showing that they would love to receive nude pictures so that the gals that want to show off their bodies should just PM those guys and give them links to their pictures. Seems that would make all happy.

But I am looking for your thoughts on this. So many women and a few men have seemed bothered by the (almost) nudity, and yet even many women seem quite at ease with it and are answering with encouraging words. So what are your thoughts on these pictures being up on here?

Any suggestions?


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  • 1) I don't know why people want to pose naked or as close as they're allowed, but I sincerely wish they would stop since it's rude.

    2) Mods flag or hide posts and then admins review them.

    3) When someone posts nude or nearly nude pics the're examined as explicit. In the posting guidelines Explicit is defined as

    "Explicit – The post contains sexually explicit details (text, images, or videos) that are considered poor quality content. Also, explicit sexual responses to non-sexual Questions are also removed as Explicit.
    - For example: ALL posts about incest and/or bestiality will be removed as Explicit"

    Clear as mud right? Let's look at what additional clarification the mods get:
    1) Explicit sexual opinions on non-sexual questions
    2) Posts promoting incest or bestiality
    3) Links to clips of pornographic scenes/videos
    4) Posts that include images in which genitals (both male and female) and female's nipples are visible. Exceptions to this rule would include if it's an art piece such as mainstream movie clips, movie stills, paintings, sculptures, etc. as those would all be allowed.

    Please refer to the website (item 2) to see the definition of "sexually explicit material.""Sexually explicit material"

    I'm also really frustrated with the state of things regarding this topic lately but I think it's really good that we can talk about about it and maybe get some more solid or strict rules about nudity on the site since it seems to be spiraling further out of control. But then again I have loooooooots of opinions on the How Do I Look topic in general. Either way I think this is a good question for @GirlsAskGuys to see

    • Yo Belle. Now we're on the topic..

      The line under explicit "considered poor quality content"
      exactly what does that mean to you.

      Because it could be seen, like, if the nude picture is neccessary
      then the nudity is "okay"


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    • Thank you for the excellent discussion and the links you provided. :-)

    • NP. I figure it's easier if we all know what everyone is working off of :)

      Ty for asking such a good question!

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  • The last time I saw a selfie with a nipple partly showing, I was debating if I should remove it or not, but by the time I figured I should, another Super+ mod had already handled it.

    Otherwise, if the areola isn't showing, and if genitals and buttholes aren't showing, I don't think I truly have the authority to remove it, even if it's really dancing along the borderline of "explicit" or "adult content".

    Technically it's difficult to argue against these images if, for example, this is an accepted advertisment for clothing:

    This is just the world we live in... But I share your views, I'm pretty sure not everyone is looking to see people in "clothing" that isn't technically clothing (like this one).

    It just doesn't feel right to mark it as "explicit" because the world seems to be okay with it, you know? Pictures of genitals are immediately hidden, though. It's just these "kinda naked but not really because it's still PG-12" stuff that's a difficult thing to moderate.


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  • 1) Some women simply don't care about exposing their bodies. Different people view nudity differently. Some people are comfortable with it while others are not. Some women may simply feel that it's not a big deal, but of course there are other women who would never show pics of their bodies naked, especially not online.

    2) As far as nudity is concerned, genitals and women's nipples are strictly not allowed. Any post in which genitals or a woman's nipples are visible, is removed. If the nipples are blacked out or covered, then it's fine. Regarding women's butts, if they are wearing underwear, we typically do not remove it however if it's just a bare butt, then it is grounds for removal. I'm not sure what post you're talking about that has a picture of a woman's butt without any underwear or anything on but feel free to message me a link and I can review it. If a post does not get reported or hidden by mods, it has less of a chance of being seen by admins to be taken care of.

    Moderators make recommendations to admins about what content to remove. They can hide posts, however, admins review all hidden posts and then make a decision about if the post should be permanently removed or put back on the site.

    • It was several weeks ago so I cannot give you a link. But I do find it weird that if you can see material sticking out of a butt crack that means it is okay. lol Also, Several months ago there was a myTake posted by a mod that included pictures of bare breasts (with nipples) that several people were complaining about, but it stayed up, and since it was by a mod several people were talking about favoritism. Your last paragraph was my understanding, but I have seen mods on here state that they have reported a post that violates these standards but that they could not hide them. Confusing to the rest of us.

      But thank you for your response. Questions remain, but it is nice to get to see how the mods are thinking on this.

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    • I was referring to under BellePepper's opinion

    • So as long as something is covering a nipple then it's fine? Even it's completely see through? That seems dumb honestly.

  • I don't like seeing people's naked bodies posted on here. There are underaged people and just people in general that don't need to see it. Coming from someone who grew up using the computer, my eyes have been raped by stupid idiots posting their nastiness all over the internet.

    • I don't like seeing it either.

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    • It's sad to think so many sites like this people try to dirty it it just makes us mods and admins have to work even harder

    • Totally agree.

  • I agree. what are the rules for if they can't be followed. My comment gets deleted because I tagged someone who didn't want to be tagged, but I have to look at tits and ass all day long. Now, I generally wouldn't mind, but it bothers me when those tits and ass belong to teens and is being viewed by teens. Porn doesn't belong on an advice site. Keep it classy GAG. We should be teaching these kids that you can still be sexy and classy at the same time. Not, let it all hang out if you want attention. This is why standards are so low today. We should be a part of the solution, not the problem. I also unfollowed the How do I Look category, but still see every single one in my feed. What's the point?

  • I think it would be really great if the administration could figure out what is and isn't against the rules once and for all. None of the "well it's not usually okay but if you do it while standing on your head at 3:17 pm on a Wednesday that happens to be a blue moon it's allowable". One set of rules that are not up for interpretation would be fabulous.

  • I had to remove2 questions with pictures like that the other day. I have absolutely no idea why a woman who do that or what she would hope to get from doing that.
    As comfortable as I am in my own skin I feel there's a time and place for everything. For example, if you go to a nudist beach you should know going into it what you're getting yourself into. However in everyday life I don't think public nudity is acceptable.
    I would be extremely dissapointed if gag begins allowing these kinds of pictures. There are some really young people on here for petes sake. Also personally (I know you tease me for this) I don't watch or look at pornography. If this site starts to be flooded with such content, I would remove myself from it.

    • I know that I have more open attitudes about nudity, even in public. For instance there are beaches locally that are posted clothing optional that abut to regular "textile" beaches. It is just more acceptable here. But I did want to point out that nudity does not equal pornography. I respect your opinion, of course.

    • I agree that tasteful nudity is artistic. However I don't think that's what you're referring to here.

    • Not sure what yo mean. If you are referring to my comment that nudity does not equal pornography, I did not mean to infer that it was artistic. Just that a nude body in and of itself, is not pornography.

  • They should really review and renew their guidelines and give stricter rules so there's no confusion and frustration on the side of the users.

    Another improvement would be if users get noticed if the things they flagged didn't get removed, so users can see the things that shouldn't be flagged and learn from it. Without that feedback, users keep making the same mistakes over and over and it also gives admins more work to do, because they have to review them.

  • I say the bigger problem are the *ick pics in questions of size - to make it even more graphic...

    • If you are talking about private messaging pictures, that is definitely a huge problem, but I was speaking of the open posting of pictures on here. I have NEVER seen anybody post a dick picture in any question or copinion on here, so that does not seem to be a problem at all (as far as what is publicly posted here).

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    • Just going over some old questions of mine and came across this one. Figured I would let you know that more recently I have seen very explicit, flagrant dick picks on question... both a how is mine type and also how is my boyfriend’s dick. I reported immediately and they were quickly removed, but amazed at what some people will do on here.

      What I am seeing more of on here is young girls (13 & 14) chatting on here sexually and older guys (20’s and 30’s, and even older) conversing with them and arranging nude pic swaps. I am of the belief that what people do non-publicly is usually their own business, but I do not condone the pedophile hunting ground this is getting towards. Amazed that such young gals are doing this, and that supposed adult men are doing this so flagrantly!

    • Oh, well that is definitely disturbing.
      Most young girls I guess, would do that to seek some sort of approval... have issues or insecurities while guys of that age just abuse it... Creepy and thoroughly messed up on both fronts...

  • why not? why sexualizing nudity?



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  • Which question (s) are we talking about?

    As far as I know, posts containing pictures with
    nudity (poor quality content) should be removed.

    But according to the guidelines, does that equal if the
    picture is neccessary to show or explain something
    it's "ok" according to the site?

    As for moderator authority.. it's nonexistent
    we're not allowed to do anything with the title
    except silently removing (hiding) what we think
    should be taken down.

    In the end, we're the lapdogs of the admins.

    If you have any questions as to why something hasn't
    been taken down, it's better to contact the Admins directly
    and explain your situation.

    • So many guys posting pictures of themselves
      proudly flauntering their stuff lately. It's crazy. ^.~

      Even had one dude post a picture of his
      completely revealed ex girlfriend.

  • I got nothing against it.
    Not like I've never seen a woman naked before.
    My problem is when it is underage because that is by definition child pornography.
    You can report these under Explicit or Under Age

  • It's illegal to post that stuff on here, with all the minors on here it could be Contributing to the delinquency of a minor which is a misdemeanor in most states

  • Young, vain girls who want attractiveness validation, both for themselves and from others (especially men)?

    What? Whaaaaaat? Never heard of that before. Especially with this lifestyle where everyone and their grandma has access to a camera, now.

    Anyway I'd absolutely love if the mods just put a stop to this kind of posting altogether. But they won't, cause it always draws traffic.

    • It's not that we don't want to stop it we do but we cannot catch it 100% of the time but if you spot something then let the admins know directly.

    • If we miss it that is

  • Any pictures like that, especially regarding younger, under aged kids should be removed immediately, if and when I see them I report them personally.

    This is not that kind of site and it shouldn't turn into one.

  • I believe in spiritual democracies - these people simply lack love from a higher power (recognition of such love actually) so they want attention instead which is immediate yet temporary and ultimately painful.

  • They think they can get away with it

  • i only dont like it if it's under 18... j/k maybe we need a new forum... provided somenbody is of age. why not?

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