Who agrees that this website should do a section for ugly people?

I am ugly and I think this website should form a section for ugly people so we can discuss our issues.


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  • Hey dude? I wouldn't base my self-worth on whether or not I could get a date or accepted as someone's girlfriend. If people reject you, then good. That's less heart/headaches you have to deal with in the long run.
    Also, it could be the vibe you're giving off. To me, you come off as bitter, hateful and someone who doesn't have good comprehensive skills, therefore he blows up at people.
    That's not attractive at all. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm only telling u like it is straight up, no sugar coating. Trust me, once u start getting women to notice u in a good way, you'll be grateful I didn't hold back on u.
    So anyway, be confident in knowing your own worth. Appreciate your strengths and be bold with it. Only time you need to be concentrating on your flaws , is when you're alone in your house so u can get them straighten out. Another way to boost your social and self-loving skills/vibe is by going out at church functions, doing something for your community , spending quality time with yourself and even volunteering at a homeless/orphan/animal shelter. Before long, you'll be giving off good vibes that'll attract people to you. Even eventually the woman you would be with.


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  • I like this idea except there are a lot of attractive people who think they're ugly. So there would be attractive people posting about their issues when they aren't even ugly. In the How Do I Look section, you see beautiful girls posting how ugly they are, and then post their beautiful pictures. So then when actual ugly people talk about their problems, people don't take them seriously. People just think they're one of those people who think they're ugly when they aren't. I've discussed my problems but then I get responses where people say: I doubt you're ugly. You're just insecure. I'm someone who actually is ugly. I've been called ugly most of my life and I've never had a relationship. Men reject me all the time.

    • Correction... the WRONG men reject you all the time. That's a good thing. Just know you're getting closer and closer to your Mr. Right each time.

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    • @Hopefuldreamer8 yes exactly guys are ok with having sex with preety much any woman but that is not the case for dating and yeah I agree, I think they were friends with those unattractive people first.

    • @Asker Whoa whoa! I never said those guys who rejected her were bad, they just weren't the right ones for her. I dated one guy who really isn't all that bad, heck we're even almost friends, but never should we have dated because we weren't/aren't meant for each other. In that sense we are bad for each other. I'm sorry u took what i said the wrong way.
      @Hopefuldreamer8 Thank you for truly understanding where I was coming from. <3 And I believe there's someone out there for everyone, so before long, you'll be meeting your boo who would do anything for u and eventually put a ring on it. 😜

  • Isn't that what being ranked is for so we can tell you that you aren't?

    • @DivaMonae I am not talking about ratings I am saying do a section for ugly people to discuss issues.

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    • Oh in that case yeah I can understand why you or anyone really would want someone to talk to :)

    • That is good you understand

  • Attractive people would go over to the ugly section to fish for compliments.

  • No! I don't want people looking down on themselves!
    Then it'd be like the site says 'You are ugly, go to the ugly section, you!'

    • I am not saying for ugly people to only go to that section. I am saying to do a section so people can talk about their issues of being ugly.

    • their issues of being ugly, sounds like they say they are.. so negative :/
      I wouldn't do it

  • I am pretty.

    today an ugly guy said my tits were too small

    i just thought wow... that he never realized he is not one to talk

    some ugly people can sure be shallow


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