Can I redeem my points even if they aren't updated?

I've finally saved up enough for an amazon gift card. Well, nearly enough. It's just under what I need. I reckon I can ain those few last points within the day but I want to buy something asap. Could I just request to redeem my points even before they are updated? Or do I have to wait?

Gag, please don't take this as a heads up to bump up the amount of points needed for the gift card again. You did that once already.


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  • u have to reach 7k points xactly... sorry

    no worries u r very close... by tomorrow u'll have 7k. is this really so important dat u need to redeem any points now? even if it is... u won't receive card's code instantly, but u have to wait 2-3 days as well till u receive card's code!

    • thanks man!

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    • stingy y?

      £13 = $20

      it'd be unfair if it was £20

    • I know that £13 is equivalent to $20 but it would just be much cooler if £20 = $20. £13 just looks like a lot less than it is, compared to $20.

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  • I think they'll make you wait.

  • Wait 48 hours.

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