(tag) assumptions based off my profile?

what do you think/ assume about me based off my profile
feel free to ask this question & tag me & anyone you want to see ask it in the discription!
i'm tagging
to ask this question


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  • First of all, you're hot. Also you look nice and friendly too. But at the same time you give kind of a naughty/sexy vibe, which I'm not gonna complaib about ;P
    Also by what I've seen you comment and what we've talked about, you seem like a pretty open minded lady.
    So in conclusion: you're hot and cool.

    What do you assume about me based on my profile?

    • Oh, I wanna tag @litost to tell me what she thinks about my profile. Always wanted to read her opinion on this :P

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    • Haven't stalked you much but definitely a good user to follow
      We've spoken and you're really lovely and cute
      Really hoti would definitely like to get to know you better

    • @litost like you already know, I think you're beautiful, one of the most beautiful girls in GAG.
      You're down to earth and very open minded. You're tough too, you don't take shit from anyone and you're true to yourself, but I feel you need to love yourself a little bit more (f*ck them friends who say you're unnatural and not hot). You're very smart too, I always like reading your opinions and MyTakes.
      In no time you also became one of my favorite users. I really have you in high esteem.

      @mardybumm I also want to get to know you better, but you rarely get online :P hahaha

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  • I assume you're a very successful, polite and above average intelligent person.


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  • Not sure what you're asking. You have no information other than a profile picture. Are you asking for ratings based on your physical appearance? From what I can see in your bathroom it's not too messy so you don't seem to be excessively high maintenance. First time I've seen a soap dispenser on the wall (like a restaurant). And a good friend of yours has passed away and you decided to feature him, sorry for your loss. Overall you seem like a nice girl who is in good shape.

  • You seem like a respectable woman because of the listerine in your bathroom


  • Can't see much on your profile since it's private but you seem like a nice girl. Sorry bout your brother's lost too. My condolences to you and your family.

  • Hmmm you haven't really describe yourself and your profile is private so I don't know. Physically though... eyebrows on fleek.


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