If you could meet 3 gager's who would they be?

Mine would be @Paris13 (visiting paris) @BertMacklinFBI (motorcycle riding) and redneck @vishna to catch some crawdads to go with the fresh gator... Maybe @Genie23 and @Anon1999 because she's a lot of work... and @BelleGirl21 Because she wants to #rek me fighting

  • I like tomatoes
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  • I hate Tomatoes
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  • Polls are stupid
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  • I love barbeque
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  • Whoever writes polls is stupid
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  • Who the heck made this stupid poll
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  • Potato
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  • I actually hate tomatoes. There was this one time when I felt like eating tomatoes, and I was extremely confused because I hate them. I ate them anyways.

    • I think you will get MHO'd for this.

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    • Haha, thank you! :D

      Tomatoes are strange; because I'm pretty okay with them in many foods, if the tomato is not raw. But raw tomato on its own has such a weird taste; I've figured out that the only way to make it acceptable is if you put a lot of salt on it. Which is kinda funny because it'll taste like salt instead of tomatoes afterwards, But at least it's not a tomato.

      It's interesting because ratatouille is made from tomatoes and other vegetables, with some added rice and meat; and it's pretty damn delicious.

      Tomatoes are weird, man.

    • This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. Nevertheless it was funny as hell. But really tho. I really like tomatoes. Especially like the tiny ones. I used to stick in my mouth when I was little n bite down so they'd explode like little bombs in my mouth. It was awesome.

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