Should I delete my girls ask guys account?

I just feel so terrible and insecure about myself that I just think everyone hates me and judges me and I feel too embarrassed to be seen or heard about I feel completely heartless and cold :(::::

I just feel too afraid to live and to get older also I just can't find warmth or love anywhere I go I feel so hurt heartbroken depressed and I can't imagine how I can ever feel better everyone just judges me all the time


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  • Please don't let strangers on the internet get to you. There will be some that like to get a rile out of people; they think their words online have no consequences. If you really don't like it here, then that is your choice to become inactive... you could maybe just not log in for a while? I personally don't hate or judge you.

    • I'm not just referring to the Internet I'm also talking about in general

    • Well, some people can just be mean. I'd find something you love to do, like a cool hobby, and do it. :) I'm sure there are others with similar hobbies and you can chat about that. Depending on the hobby, some people can be nicer if there's a shared interest.

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  • its the internet, no one here actually knows you so their judgment is retarded as fuck.


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  • who judges you? have fun.. it is just internet.. if they mess with you. you mess with them..


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  • No. I don't give a sh** what you do.. But whats best for you is too stay.

    You're obviously uncomfortable with gag and yourself. The fastest way to grow is through pain and uncomfortable

    Not everyone will judge and hate you.

    But what you need to understand is THIS IS THE INTERNET

    People are gonna be dicks.. People are gonna put up a persona of some sort.

    People are literally safe to a certain extent on the internet but this is the best thing EVER...

    this is where you learn to not give a sh** and this supports you in everyday life

    Just stay strong dude.. If you have haters.. You defiantly have people who adore the sh** out of you.

    Also people are gonna judge you/everyone regardless... Skinny.. You get judged.. Fat you get judged... Inbetween you still get judged

    You're dammed if you do and dammed if you don't and thats just beautiful

    • Look Dude I already know which is why it's a big problem and it doesn't make sense because there is all kinds of shit that's talked about in this world like how bullying is bad but it happens all the time and earth is a war zone and this wasn't a Helpful opinion yeah your just reminding me of the pain and I can tell your only saying this stuff to me because you re one of those dip shits that want to hurt me and what me to feel terrible and insecure about myself so why the fuck are you telling me YOU SHOULD STAY ON THIS MEDIA go fuck yourself get your motherfuckin asshole out of my face and fuck right off you piece of dipshit