Anyone else experiencing issues on GAG with their mobile device?

Ever since I became level 7 and the ads disapeared my phone has been acting weird on GAG.
It would jump to the bottom of the page and I'd have to scroll back up several times.
Chrome would also freeze up and I'd have to wait a while for it to load.
It's only on the GAG website.


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  • It happens to me too. The trick is, if you'll refresh the page while you're already at the bottom of the page, the refreshed page will come at the bottom. But if you'll scroll to the top before refreshing the page, the refreshed page will come at the top.

    After the update, the site became heavy so, my phone (running Chrome) also struggles when I open 4-5 simultaneous tabs. It doesn't crash tho, but it refreshes automatically and restore the things from the cache.

  • My iPhone safari tends to crash. I think it takes a lot of processing power for this site for whatever reason.

    Here's hoping for the badass GAG app sometime in the future :D

  • My Iphone tends to "crash" when I use GAG, I don't know why. They really need an app

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