Do u ever get tired of being fake?

I do all the time. Like I get so tired of giving the "right" answer yo people or the thing they want to hear.

I want to give my personal opinion but if I do chance are people won't like me. So I really don't like 99% of people.
I tend to keep my circle small of friend. Like up to 3. No more than that. There people who would consider me a good friend but that only because I act the way the what the like and say what they want to hear.

I mean its ok to do that stuff for work but god sakes I hate this shit.

You have to laugh at stupid stuff. Act like you care smile in peoples face. Help people and random times of need.

I hate a lot of people and they just grr. And I like a few and a lot of them are just grey or bland to me


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  • You're an idiot! Honesty is the best policy...