One year on GAG, never thought to be here still?

The first part was the best and last months weren't that enjoyable as in the beginning...

One of the moments I won't forget was the day that some girl said..."go away white boy", it made me smile


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  • Happy GAG anniversary. Hope you have lots of good memories, white boy ;)

    Well, my first year will be completed in November and I'm already very bored of this place and the grass is greener outside of my house so, I'm minimizing my activity day by day. First three months were awesome by the way. It was like I got a family but nowadays, I can't even call them friends. I think it goes on and history will repeat itself but not anytime sooner.


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  • I love GAG More than ever and although there have been times it gets sort of Boring and Questions get Repetitious, I still come on Faithfully to help Others, and even have made more friends and Followers/Following.
    Some of the old GAGERS are gone now, many newbies have come into the community but I just roll with the punches like I always have on GAG, and even Accept All the changes they make every time I turn around.
    Lol..."Go away white boy," this is so funny, @vekin. What is even funnier is when 'Someone' Answered a Question that a Black guy had Posted a year ago about "Who would you want for your Spouse on GAG?" And that 'Special someone' said "Paris13."
    Tipping toe through the Tulips from thence on. xx

  • It's been dead on here lately


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