Does anyone else see two pictures of overweight people from Felixstowe?

After I submitted an opinion, I noticed two of the "advert" pictures, one an obese man and the other an obese woman. The captions underneath mentioned Felixstowe, the name of the town where I live.

The question is, does anyone else see these pics and the same caption, or is GAG colluding with some advertiser by passing on persoal information?

Could admin please comment!

I have consulted with the rest of my family, and we have never seen the two people in a very small town!


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  • Websites are able to see your IP address, which tells them your approximate location to a few miles, which isn't precise enough to really worry about. The ad looks up this location and finds the closest major city to it, then puts the name of that city in the caption.

    Here's a list of everything a common website is allowed to know about you:


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