What are some of the dumbest and funniest questions you have seen on GaG?

If you can recall what they said, also they can be funny questions too. :) Don't name any names please.

I once saw a question from an anon girl that said, "Can I use Touch ID with my nipple" and I died. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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  • No lie over year ago this girl said her bum was sore and didn't know what it was
    from i said, your most likely wiping too hard or maybe you have constipation of
    some sort and i never saved the question but as a gentlemen i helped her i never
    have seen her back on she was anonymous too ,
    It's sad when these young ones have to take to the internet to get advice cause
    they don't have a parent to listen to them or even a grandparent to ask for help
    we live in such a sad world to think these things really happen in life and i helped
    her she gave me MHO but it just makes you wonder , yes it was funny but than
    again it was a serious question this was no one trolling,


Most Helpful Girl

  • oh, there's been too many of those that i can't keep count anymore. here's one from an anon male 18-24, that went something like:

    "i tried giving myself prostate orgasm with a highlighter and now the highlighter is stuck up my ass and i don't know what to do. advice?"

    then in the updates, he said he got the highlighter out but the cap was now trapped up his butt and he didn't want to go to take our advice to go to ER because his parents are super religious and much embarrassed if his dad found out.


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