Black people on GaG?

Where y'all at? :D


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  • I have Never been Prejudice in my entire life, @BlackMac97. I even Married a Muslim out in Egypt instead of a white guy.
    I never have liked to be 'White' so much so I have been Tanning my fanny n fact for 8 years just to give myself a simple sandy color.
    I am More European, I believe, as time has gone on, and do not care much now for the USA.
    I have always Mixed well with others, no matter their color, culture or even religion and often have found that Black guys prefer White girls.
    Interesting Question. Thanks for posting. xx

    • I respect your opinion. I kinda do have a thing for white girls now since I started high school lol. So I guess some black guys do prefer white girls.

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    • I am Loving it, @PrettyRican!!!:)) xxoo

    • Thank you so much, @BlackMac97 for the Vote of Confidence and the Upvote.:)) xxoo

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