Who do you think is?

Who do you think is the prettiest gagger on here you can have more than one if you want girls you can have male or female same for guys.

Keep it clean all this is for fun only and don't upset the gagger

mine are

most def @bellegirl21
and nicholemarie (i can't remember her username brain freeze!!!)


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  • These are a few of the awesome peeps I've know on here (or, have come across lol)

    • @MissNowhere
    • @BelleGirl21
    • @Kay211
    • @cl_517
    • @Lissy967
    • @kimberleyyy
    • @PiuBelloAmante
    • @AleDeEurope
    • @Ihav2fart
    • @Illusive_Man

    Pardon me if I left anyone out (which I usually do 😅) and apologies for annoying your notifications 🙈🙉🙊

    • Oopsy, @PrettyRican too 💙💙 sorry 😣 I just woke up

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    • Heyyy @Lissy967!! Welcome back xD

    • Thank you, hahah! :D wow, there are a few changes on here 😳

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