How do I post a pic in the comments?


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  • First you have to reach Xper level 2+

    secondly, just find the image you
    want to post, copy the url and paste it.

    I usually use Tinypic
    to post pictures.

    What I did here, was go to my profile
    click the picture, then copy the url
    and paste it here.

    As long as you're Xper level 2+ it should work.

    • *dies of cuteness overdose and never finds out how to pot a pic in the comments*

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    • @Klaatu51

      Tinypic always work for me, plus you can remove the picture
      from tinypic and it won't show here anymore either.

      I've never used imgur.

      What kind of problem did you
      find with tinypic?

    • sometimes a pic'll never load :(

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  • You grab a bowl of cocopuffs then grab a playstation 2 controller from the ghetto hook that up to your ps2 and press triangle, triangle, x, square, R1+L1, left, left, x+square, circle, R2+circle, stick a penguin in a microwave, donate a gag minions blood break my controller in half and poop on it with 2mm of your poop, and squayangle then you will be able to post pics in the comments.

  • Just copy and paste the link of the picture itself.

    • it posts as a link, like it doesn't look like the pic you know just a link

    • Could you show me the link so that I can see it? Maybe it isn't the "very link" of the image.

    • Oh not a specific link lol just w/e any pic

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