Can you comprehend that you cannot comment or ask any question in other languages?

And no such system is provided like a topic like other language or anything. Enforcing one's language on others, isn't it a mean thing to do.

I ask this because one of my comment was deleted because of wrong 'grammar' when i wrote it in my native language, and the asker would know that because we are from the same country, and it was not as easy to explain that same thing in English. Is it mean of the mods to do so?

@ThisDudeHere's opinion was removed too
As a mod I don't get why they banned it in your case. If you and the asker were from the same country then what harm could have come of it? Šī ir kaut kāda sūdu būšana!


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  • It's not very equality and diversity embracing I would give you that. I don't really care if it's an English only site - there are different cultures on here and sometimes, say a celebration, you have to write the name. I mean, an English Christian doesn't have all the varies festivals but you can still mention then. Surely it's all or none? But it's a grey line (apparently) on here.
    I'm just a simple marketer who follows these rules on a daily basis. I don't know anything about it, other than oh wait, it's part of my whole bloody job to be aware.

    It's one thing that annoys me about gag. It's big enough now we could have admins from different ethnic groups, but it seems it's run by a blind KKK member sometimes...

    • Thanks for MH! I've read from the comments that there are separate sites but I'm still unaware why it all needs to be separate? I mean, Facebook has all languages and cultures in one place. Surely you just need to set your preferred languages and then it will filter questions that way?

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  • I think it is a control issue to spot offensive stuff and remove it.


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  • GirlsAskGuys is an English only website. Questions and Opinions that are in languages other than English will be removed. This is to prevent confusion among members, since GirlsAskGuys is an English website, everyone should be able to understand the questions and opinions posted. However, we do allow users to post Opinion Comments in other languages if you would like to interact with a user in a language other than English.

    We also do have other sites that are in different languages.

    • I don't get it.

      Girlsaskguys originated from America. Therefore English and Spanish are most common. After that, I would guess French or German, or even the biggest growing place - Chinese. But no. You go for neighbouring countries with Spain. I don't get it.

    • @Hidden_P The site did originate in America but the founders are actually from Turkey and the Turkish site is huge.

  • Because it could get really annoying if every second person now posts something in a language only certain users understand. Then half the site would not be understandable for everyone anymore. Just like YouTube comments. On some videos, suddenly there are a bunch of comments in Arabic or Spanish. Annoying. (No, I'm neither American nor a native English speaker).

    Besides, you could easily antagonize some other users in your own language and there would be no way for the mods to tell and do their jobs if they can't even understand what you're saying in the first place.

    English is an international language. Gag is a website that uses English. You can use British English, American English, Jamaican English, no one gives a fuck. As long as it's English so everyone can understand.

  • When you're posting a question or an opinion, it needs to be in English so everyone can read it and participate in the question. For comments, if both of you are speaking to each other in the same language it's okay.

    • let's be practical, if we want to get response from a particular section of the society what better way than to ask in their own native language.
      And mine was an opinion, and I believe when i give an opinion on a question it is more than obvious that it is directed to the asker.

    • It's an English site though. I'm sure the language rule is the same on the other three GAG sites - Turkish, Spanish, or Portuguese only. I personally don't have an issue with people posting answers or comments in another language, but I believe all questions should be posted in English as that is the common language here.

      You're welcome to suggest a special topic for questions in other languages to the admins, I don't see anything wrong with that.


  • yes it is

    people (especially americans) need to understand there are other languages besides English even better than English and that not everyone speaks English

    if the asker understands then it shouldn't have been removed


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  • It's in the guidelines if you read it through

    Look for "Why was my post removed?"

    Also, even if you can't post questions
    or opinions in your native language
    you are allowed to post "opinion comments"
    in your native language.

    Because the opinion comment section
    is supposed to be a more relaxed environment
    where people can discuss their thoughts.

  • You can feel free to stop using the site anytime you like if you object to their policies.

  • As a mod I don't get why they banned it in your case. If you and the asker were from the same country then what harm could have come of it? Šī ir kaut kāda sūdu būšana!