Do you think GAG should have the option to do videos for "Opinions", "Opinion comments" and "Questions"?

For instance, I ask a question through a video program, which is linked to GAG. All the person has to do is click on it.

All of the "opinions"(which we refer to as responses or answers) are in video form and the asker clicks on the video and listens to the answer.

If someone wants to comment on an "opinion", they would just record themselve and tell WHO they are replying to on the comment.

I still think we should have the option to ask/comment through text, because if you're in an area where you must be quiet, videos wouldn't work out too well. But how AWESOME would this be? I would love to see it.
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@heavensgift2girls You made some good counter-arguments. I would still argue people can post anonymously in text form.
@BellePepper That's the biggest issue I see with it.


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  • I feel like that would be insanely resource heavy :/


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  • Couldn't you already do that by linking a video from YouTube or something? I am pretty sure I already saw someone did something like that before when they asked a question that had a link in it then asked people to respond by posting links to their own videos. I wouldn't care if they did add the feature to streamline that process, but I suspect it would mostly go unused by most people.

    I don't think most people would actually want to do that. There are a lot of people that refuse to use a real profile pic as it is, and even some that might rather post anonymously. A lot of people also like to check out this site at times where watching a video isn't possible at the moment.

    • You could very well do this but it would be a bit of a hassle. My idea is to not only post the video but RECORD straight from your computer and instantly put it on GAG.

      I don't know how many people would do it but I sure know I would.

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  • It sounds like a neat feature but that would require the site to have a TON of bandwidth available on it's servers, and that's expensive. I would expect that they'd charge us for a membership just to have such a feature on the site.

    I don't think I'd use a feature like this, though. I like the kind of anonymity that comes with posting text only, and also the convenience of just reading text instead of having to watch a video. I must admit that I'm not inclined to answer questions where the Asker wants us to watch a video that serves as the question details.


What Guys Said 5

  • I like the idea. I do see a couple of issues with it though. Some would be easier to deal with than others. One is that I think only a certain xPer level should be allowed to do those. Another is, like @musicbrain5 said, they'd have to buy more bandwidth, so they'd either have to find more sponsors (I have one idea how they could do that, but it wouldn't be very popular) and/or start charging users.

    I think a good starting point to test it would be to have a video option for myTakes. In fact, I've getting ideas for a myTake that I would want to post on YouTube, but still include the text in the myTake itself.

  • Next generation GaG maybe only thing how would affect anon users.

  • Sounds good, but do you REALLY want guys to show their penis on camera, asking if it is too small?

  • That would be a cool idea

  • Yes, I'm all for it!


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