Should I make my boyfriend a GAG Account?

Okay lately I'm been going on Gag a little too much... My Boyfriend asked me to make him a account so he could try and see what it is that makes me a little addict, but what I don't understand is that he's anti-social, has trouble talking to people and isn't actually responsive... So is it alright if I made him one? I'm just worried about him, he's a soft guy and easily gets bullied and he's a little neet type of person...
So what's the right decision?

If I do make him a account, is it because he wants to try and see what I'm doing? I'm not sure, I can't imagine him posting questions or my takes


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  • If you do just be advised to use a different computer as well as different Internet
    service provider cause if you use yours it will appear on GaGs end as duplicate
    accounts and we are only allowed 1 account per household i got that straight
    from the Administrators long time ago.

    • Thanks I'll keep that in mind

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    • You could try don't know if it would work it might if your not in your home place area

    • Thank You for MHO :) :D

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  • It might be good for me - In real life I am very quiet yet quite active here

  • If he wants an account, I don't really understand why he doesn't just register his own...

    • Well if the site isn't game based he'll abandon it within a week... That's why besides we usually share accounts when it's genderless but GaG is a gender based and he doesn't want to look like some pervert trying to be a girl. And I don't really know maybe he's just being nice and letting me know or something

    • Well, I still think what makes sense is for him to have his own account.

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